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Jon White
Jon White Environmental Specialist, Hazardous Material Services

  • Phone: (573) 882-6256
  • E-mail:
Jon received his BS in Chemistry from the University of Illinois in 1990 and started with EHS and MU in the summer of 1993 as an Environmental Health Technician. He worked for about three years in the former Hazardous Materials Management group at the Resource Recovery Center, where he managed unwanted hazardous and radioactive materials. He then worked for about the next eight years in the (then) Support Operations group at the EHS Main office - the Research Park Development Building. During that time he managed hazardous waste records, oversaw hazardous materials shipments for campus, developed and provided training for the campus hazardous materials shippers, and eventually became involved in the EHS Monitoring Program. In January of 2002, Jon was promoted to Environmental Chemist, and in 2007 he was reclassified to an Environmental Specialist. After a restructuring of the section, Jon found himself in his current home back at the Resource Recovery Center where he works in the Hazardous Material Services group. He manages the EHS Monitoring Program, the campus DOT Compliance Program, acts as the Registered User Program Administrator, and helps coordinate shipments of radioactive mixed waste for disposal.

In his leisure time, Jon enjoys activities with his girlfriend, exercising his dogs, margaritas and Mexican food, the aroma of grilling various meats and the sounds of Columbia's sometimes rockin' live music scene.

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