Office Contact Information


Normal working hours: (573) 882-7018
Nights, weekends and holidays: (573) 882-7201 (MU Police)


Staff List

Organizational Chart

Individual staff email addresses may be obtained through the MU Staff Directory at

Name Title Phone Section
Blasa Railton, Haley Part Time Environmental Health Technician I (573) 884-6350 Radiation Safety
Campbell, Scott Industrial Hygienist (573) 882-5031 Environmental Affairs
Dobey, Ron Interim Radiation Safety Officer (573) 882-7018 Radiation Safety
Dorth, David Laboratory Safety Professional (573) 882-5018 Laboratory Safety
Emerson, Hugh Chemical Redistribution Professional (573) 882-3736 Environmental Affairs
England, Jennifer Health Physicist (573) 884-5061 Radiation Safety
Esse, Sara Environmental Health Technician I (573) 884-1929 Environmental Affairs
Fasken, Kevin Environmental Affairs Professional (573) 884-6668 Environmental Affairs
Haeussler, Ted Environmental Compliance Professional (573) 882-3950 Environmental Affairs
Hendrell, Jon Environmental Health Technician III (573) 884-5271 Environmental Affairs
Higgins, Bryan Lab Safety Professional (573) 882-5030 Laboratory Safety
Hoffman, Sunny Laboratory Safety Manager (573) 882-7018 Laboratory Safety
Houts, Todd Director (573) 882-7018 Director's Office
Hynes, Steve Responsible Official-Biosafety Officer (573) 882-5020 Laboratory Safety
Kirkham, Don Environmental Health Technician I (573) 884-6814 Environmental Affairs
Kohler, Pete Part Time Environmental Affairs Technician III (573) 884-8829 Environmental Affairs
McGruder, Shawn Assistant Fire Marshal (573) 884-9209 Technical Operations
Namoff, Tyler Environmental Health Technician I (573) 882-5541 Environmental Affairs
Nunn, Joshua Environmental Health Technician II (573) 882-3736 Environmental Affairs
Pearman, Chris Technical Support Manager (573) 882-2303 Environmental Affairs
Peña Crespo, Jamila Facility Safety Coordinator (573) 882-9125 Technical Operations
Pope, Rachel Health Physicist (573) 882-5026 Radiation Safety
Tanner, Bryan Sanitarian (573) 882-5022 Technical Operations
Thoma, Crystal Business Support Specialist (573) 882-7018 Administrative Support
Welch, Jacques Environmental Health Technician I (573) 884-5597 Environmental Affairs
White, Jon Environmental Affairs Manager (573) 882-6256 Environmental Affairs
Zachary, Rudy Environmental Affairs Technician II (573) 884-6576 Environmental Affairs