Request Supplies

To request supplies from EHS (e.g. disposal containers, cardboard boxes, labels) please use the Supply Request Form.


Collection of Hazardous Materials

When you need to dispose of chemical, biological or radioactive materials through EHS, you must submit a Pick Up Request Form (PURF) for your material. Please see the table below to determine which PURF to use.


Paper PURF

Label Which PURF
Used Materials PURF (PDF)
Used Materials PURF Instructions (PDF)
Radioactive Materials PURF (PDF)
Radioactive Materials PURF Instructions - see Radiation Safety Manual (PDF)
anything else (manufacturer's label or label made in the laboratory) Unused Chemical PURF (PDF)
Unused Chemical PURF Instructions (PDF)

Submitting a paper PURF

  • By FAX: 884-5270. Call 882-3736 to make sure it was received.
  • By e-mail: scan your PURF or take a picture of it then e-mail it to
  • By campus mail: EHS / 1710 E Campus Loop.

If you have questions about PURFs, call (573) 882-3736, or email Need to know whether your material is used or unused? The instructions sheets for the different kinds of materials explain the difference.