Workplace Safety Classes

Back Safety and Lifting Techniques

Course Length: 1 Hour Register


This course covers the reasons for back injuries and ways to prevent them. Proper lifiting techniques and exercises will be discussed.


Driving Safety

Course Length: 1 Hour Register


This course covers various aspects of driving safety. Topics covered may include vehicle condition, weather safety, driver health and well being, and road rage.


Van Safety (15 Passenger)

Course Length: 1¼ - 4 Hours Register


The purpose of this class is to enable the student to gain an understanding of safety precautions and hazards associated with operating a 15 passenger van. Coaching the Van Driver II training package by the National Safety Council and FLI Learning System Inc. is used. The course includes topics such as: Vehicle Inspection/Vehicle Characteristics, Safe Driving Skills, Driving Environments, Special Considerations, Transporting Cargo and Transporting Passengers. This class is intended for all campus drivers of 15 passenger vans. This course is classroom-based but can also be used as a self -study/assessment program.


Ergonomics and Work Station Safety

Course Length: 1 Hour Register


The purpose of this class is to enable students to gain an understanding of workplace accidents and prevention, general workplace review, basic ergonomics, hazard types, user-friendly workstations, policy and available resources. This class is intended for personnel with office ergonomics issues and concerns.


Forklift Safety

Course Length: 2 Hours Register


The course covers the basics of forklift and lift vehicle safety. Topics of discussion includes vehicle condition and type, center of gravity, lift load, operation procedures, potential hazards & accidents, battery/LP gas use, emergencies and available resources. A hands-on portion with an actual forklift may be held if an appropriate vehicle and class space is available.


Confined Space Entry Awareness

Course Length: 1½ Hours Register


This class is designed to raise the participant's awareness to the many significant hazards associated with confined space entry. This session will not prepare you to safely enter confined spaces! What this session will do is; provide information to assist in the identification of confined spaces and the associated hazards, evaluate and control hazards, what to do if requested to conduct unsafe activity and assist affected departments with formal policy/program development in compliance with applicable safety standards (Construction Industry Standard 1926.21(b)(6) and General Industry Standard 1910.146). EHS urges personnel from all departments who may encounter confined spaces on the job to attend this class.


Elevated Work Surfaces

Course Length: 1 Hour Register


This class is designed to provide information to assist in identification of the many hazards associated with working surfaces especially elevated working areas. Specific topics covered in this program include; Housekeeping, Covers and Guardrails, Floor Loading, Determine and Protection of an Opening, Stairways, Portable and fixed ladders and Introduction to fall protection. Information will also be presented on evaluation and control of these hazards and what to do if asked to perform (or confronted with) associated hazard(s). EHS suggests that all skilled trades, custodial, etc., personnel as well their managers and supervisors attend this class.


Building Specific Emergency Action Plans

Course Length: 2 Hours Register


The purpose of this class is to introduce the students to Emergency Preparedness and development of a building specific emergency action plan (EAP). Topics covered include emergency contacts, response procedures, plan elements, alarm systems, training, additional information and resources. This training is intended for building occupants, building coordinators and department staff.

EHS will gladly create special training and schedule classes for your department or group. Contact EHS at 573-882-7018 for more information about setting up special training.