Ergonomics Frequently-Asked Questions

Can I fix the problem myself?

In 50% of the cases, individuals studying the Self Help Ergonomics Guide and following its directions can correct the problem on their own. Training couses are available. Please contact Rebecca Bergfield if you would like to set up an ergonomics training class.

What is a "Priority Evaluation"?

A priority evaluation is one involving a worker's compensation injury or illness or a work time loss injury of illness, even though it is not processed though worker's compensation. A priority evaluation does not need approval by the Director of EHS to be performed. All other evaluations need to be approved by the Director of EHS.

How do I request an ergonomic evaluation?

To submit a request please contact David Dorth so the priority of the problem can be established. He will contact the Director for approval.

How is an evaluation handled and what is involved?

Supervisors are contacted for all on-site evaluations. The onsite evaluation consists of ergonomic overview training, a review of current ergonomic tools a furniture available, a brief review of the individual's job, employee input (health complaints, work station improvement), and EHS recommendations. The Office Ergonomic Questionnaire must be completed before conducting the individual on-site evaluation. Fill this out and return to EHS as soon as possible.

After an on-site evaluation has been held, a draft of the evaluation and the recommendations will be sent to the supervisor. Once these are approved by the supervisor the evaluation and recommendations will be finalized and sent to the supervisor and the individual for action.

Who pays for ergonomic tools and equipment?

Each department is responsible to budget and plan for proper ergonomic tools and equipment for their staff. EHS will assist in decision making, use of ergonomic furniture, tools, and equipment, ergonomic budget planning, and ergonomic training.