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Technical Notes/Help on new EHS Website

Because the new EHS website uses a content management system, some common web standards do not work. If you're having trouble locating or loading a page, see the notes below:

  • The pages cannot be accessed via URLs that begin with "https". You must leave off the "s". Only URLs beginning with "http" will work.
  • The URL should NOT contain ".html" or ".htm" at the end. If you are trying to access a page with a link that contains ".html" or ".htm", simply remove those characters and try again.
  • While URLs may appear the same on the new website, personal bookmarks should be updated from the new website.
  • Navigation previously found on the left side of the page is now located in the gold bar across the top.
  • Navigation within program areas previously found under the program banner is now found on the right side of the program pages.

If you  have problems accessing or locating a page, please contact us via our email or phone number at the bottom of every page.

Posted May 3, 2017