Office Contact Information


Normal working hours: (573) 882-7018
Nights, weekends and holidays: (573) 882-7201 (MU Police)


Staff List

Organizational Chart

Individual staff email addresses may be obtained through the MU Staff Directory at

Name Title Phone Section
Adams, Isaac Environmental Health Technician I (573) 884-6350 Environmental Affairs
Campbell, Scott Industrial Hygienist (573) 882-5031 Environmental Affairs
DeWitt, Zac Environmental Health Technician I (573) 884-5597 Environmental Affairs
Dorth, David Laboratory Safety Professional (573) 882-5018 Laboratory Safety
Dunn, Kyla Sanitarian (573) 882-5022 Technical Operations
Emerson, Hugh Chemical Redistribution Professional (573) 882-3736 Environmental Affairs
England, Jennifer Health Physicist (573) 884-5061 Radiation Safety
Esse, Sara Environmental Health Technician I (573) 884-1929 Environmental Affairs
Evers, Jeff Laboratory Safety Manager (573) 882-7018 Laboratory Safety
Fasken, Kevin Environmental Affairs Professional (573) 884-6668 Environmental Affairs
Haeussler, Ted Environmental Compliance Professional (573) 882-3950 Environmental Affairs
Hendrell, Jon Environmental Health Technician III (573) 884-5271 Environmental Affairs
Higgins, Bryan Lab Safety Professional (573) 882-5030 Laboratory Safety
Houts, Todd Director (573) 882-7018 Director's Office
Hynes, Steve Responsible Official-Biosafety Officer (573) 882-5020 Laboratory Safety
Kirkham, Don Environmental Health Technician I (573) 884-6814 Environmental Affairs
Kohler, Pete Part Time Environmental Affairs Technician III (573) 884-8829 Environmental Affairs
Limback, Rusty Environmental Health Technician I (573)882-5610 Environmental Affairs
McGruder, Shawn Assistant Fire Marshal (573) 884-9209 Technical Operations
Michael, Chris Environmental Health Technician I (573) 882-0931 Environmental Affairs
Nunn, Joshua Environmental Health Technician II (573) 882-3736 Environmental Affairs
Pearman, Chris Technical Support Manager (573) 882-2303 Environmental Affairs
Peña Crespo, Jamila Facility Safety Coordinator (573) 882-9125 Technical Operations
Pope, Rachel Health Physicist (573) 882-5026 Radiation Safety
Register, Cade Radiation Safety Officer (573) 882-7018 Radiation Safety
Thoma, Crystal Business Support Specialist (573) 882-7018 Administrative Support
Villhardt, Nick Environmental Health Technician I (573) 882-5541 Environmental Affairs
White, Jon Environmental Affairs Manager (573) 882-6256 Environmental Affairs
Wilson, Charlie Deputy Radiation Safety Officer (573) 882-0905 Radiation Safety
Zachary, Rudy Environmental Affairs Technician II (573) 884-6576 Environmental Affairs