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EHS' Main Office Has Moved

EHS operations formerly in the Research Park Development Building are now located in the General Services Building - 900 E Stadium Blvd. See our Directions to EHS Offices page for assistance in locating our offices as well as which functions are found in which location.

Posted November 27, 2017


Technical Notes/Help on new EHS Website

Because the new EHS website uses a content management system, some common web standards do not work. If you're having trouble locating or loading a page, see the notes below:

  • The pages cannot be accessed via URLs that begin with "https". You must leave off the "s". Only URLs beginning with "http" will work.
  • The URL should NOT contain ".html" or ".htm" at the end. If you are trying to access a page with a link that contains ".html" or ".htm", simply remove those characters and try again.
  • While URLs may appear the same on the new website, personal bookmarks should be updated from the new website.
  • Navigation previously found on the left side of the page is now located in the gold bar across the top.
  • Navigation within program areas previously found under the program banner is now found on the right side of the program pages.

If you  have problems accessing or locating a page, please contact us via our email or phone number at the bottom of every page.

Posted May 3, 2017