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Laboratory Health & Safety Concerns Reporting Tool

Environmental Health & Safety, working with the Research Subcommittee of the Show Me Renewal Team and the Office of Research and Economic Development, have developed a simple one-page interface for lab personnel to report behavior concerns such as lack of PPE, social distancing, and proper lab safety practices as well as physical concerns such as lack of an eyewash or sufficient electrical outlets. While not required, researchers and lab members may provide their name and contact information to help facilitate a more robust response to the concerns raised. To access this tool directly, please visit the Health & Safety Concerns questionnaire.

Updated July 21, 2020


Most EHS Services Fully Restored

While EHS continues to allow some employees to work from home for a portion of their work week, EHS on-campus services have largely returned. While our response time to routine needs may be delayed beyond our normal turnaround time, we will make every effort to support campus to a comparable pre-COVID-19 level of service. We appreciate your understanding during these unusual times.

Services with modified procedures

Chemical Redistribution Program: In an effort to continue to provide cost effective solutions to campus in regards to chemical and equipment purchases, the CRB is open from 8 am-Noon and 1-5 pm Monday - Friday with modified measures to ensure social distancing while you shop. We are also offering a new option of curbside pickup as well.  To place your curbside pickup order please complete the following Chemical Order Form and email the completed form to  Please visit the Chemical Redistribution Program to learn more about the program and to search our free chemical inventory.

Updated July 20, 2020


COVID-19 Contact Information

The following is presented as information only. EHS is not the lead agency for response to COVID-19. Follow the links below for up-to-date information on COVID-19 (formerly Novel Coronavirus), including who to contact for more information.

MU Alert

Show Me Renewal

Student Health & Well Being

MU Health Care

Updated July 6, 2020


Self Directed Phone Assistance Now Live at EHS

When you call EHS's main number (882-7018), your call will be answered by an auto-attendant service. To assist you in making the choice you need quickly (which you can enter at any time) please see the key below. Press...

  1. For questions about unwanted materials or collection of such or to reach the chemical/equipment redistribution program
  2. For assistance with shipping hazardous materials (chem, rad, bio) both on campus and offsite
  3. For other lab safety questions (general, chem, rad, bio)
  4. For safety questions not related to laboratories
  5. For environmental questions including indoor air, asbestos, lead, air/water pollution and industrial hygiene
  6. For assistance with EHSA - the Environmental Health and Safety Assistant Online Web Portal

Updated June 1, 2020