How EHS is Structured

EHS provides services to the campus community through the following structure:

  • Administrative Support
    Administrative staff provides clerical and computer support to the rest of the department.
  • Environmental Affairs
    The Environmental Affairs Section covers a wide variety of topics including those listed under the Environmental Matters program area and the Hazardous Materials program area. In addition, the section encompasses industrial hygiene and occupational safety services under the Workplace Safety program area.
  • Laboratory Safety
    The Laboratory Safety section addresses the topics found under the Laboratory Safety , the Biological Safety , the Chemical Safety  and the Laser Safety program areas.
  • Technical Operations
    Technical Operations cover a number of specialized functions in EHS including Select Agents and Toxins, Facility Safety (topics found under Workplace Safety program area), the Food Safety program area, the Fire Safety program area, the Pool Safety program area  and Special Projects.
  • Radiation Safety
    The Radiation Safety section addresses the topics found under the Radiation Safety program area.

All sections of EHS have responsibility for portions of the Personal Protection program and Training programs.