Biological Programs

Biological Signage

Anyone entering areas where biohazardous materials are used or stored must be aware of the potential hazards. The biohazard symbol must be on all entries to biohazardous material laboratories, contain­ers, biological safety cabinets, infectious waste containers, freezers, refrigerators and other equipment where blood and other potential­ly infectious materials are used or stored.

Permanent area warning signs should be posted in a visible, legible, entry location for all laboratory occupants and visitors.

Temporary signs (those that will be in place for less than one month) should be posted with tape on glass surfaces or on refrigerators, freezers, or entry doors. All temporary signs must be removed when the hazard no longer exists.

Human and Animal Biohazard Signage should be posted on doors to rooms where microorganisms or biological toxins known to cause disease in humans are used, such as microorganisms classified to be used in Biosafety Level 2 or 3 research activities. This signage should also be placed on doors to rooms containing animals infected with microorganisms that can cause disease in humans.

Note: The Biohazard Warning Sign is in addition to the Emergency Notification Sign posting required for all laboratories on the MU Campus.