Biological Safety Manual

The Biosafety Manual is available below in PDF form sections for download. 

IMPORTANT: Work Injury Services, which is referenced periodically throughout the manual, has temporarily moved to Broadway Urgent Care, 2003 W Broadway, Suite 100, Columbia MO during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Chapter 1: Introduction
  • Chapter 2: Training and Information Resources
  • Chapter 3: Acquisition of Biohazardous Materials
  • Chapter 4: Working Safely with Biohazardous Materials
  • Chapter 5: Biohazardous Unwanted Material
  • Chapter 6: Biohazard Emergency Response
  • Chapter 7: Biohazardous Material Transportation & Shipping
  • Appendix A: Notification of Biological Shipment Form
  • Appendix B: Instructions for Completion of Laboratory Biohazard Signage
  • and fillable sign (MS Word document)
  • Appendix C: Biological Laboratory Decommissing/Closure Form
  • Appendix D: Practical Biosafety Guidelines
  • Appendix E1: BSL-1/BSL-2 Biosafety Inspection Checklist
  • Appendix E2: Human Gene Transfer Inspection Checklist
  • Appendix F: Laboratory Specific Exposure Control Plan Template
  • Appendix G: Sterilization and Disinfection
  • Appendix H: Disinfectants
  • Appendix I: Autoclave Program
  • Appendix J: Sharps and Laboratory Glass
  • Appendix K: Laboratory Biosafety Spill Kit Checklist
  • Appendix L: Biological Safety Cabinet Summary Chart
  • Appendix M: Laboratory Security Issues
  • Appendix N: Select Agents
  • Appendix O: Biohazard Worker Training Validation Form
  • Appendix P: Biohazardous Materials Risk Assessment Checklst
  • Appendix Q: Notification of Offer of Hepatitis B Immunization Series