Certificates of Environmental Compliance

Some funding agencies, especially the Department of Defense, require that grant proposals include a "Certificate of Environmental Compliance" or similar document to be signed by the safety or environmental director. EHS can provide these certifications for you.

Our Policy

EHS has a policy of providing these certifications within one week of receiving a request with all necessary information. In most cases, you will find that we turn around the request within 24 hours.


EHS needs the following information to review your grant proposal:

  • Name of proposal
  • Name of Principal Investigator (PI)
  • An abstract of your grant proposal

These items may be emailed to the EHS Director.

We will review your abstract to determine whether there are any potential biological, chemical, or radiation safety issues. If there are, we will check our records to see if you have obtained the proper approvals from EHS and if your research staff is up to date with all required training. Once everything is found to be in order, the form will be signed and returned to you. If there are any deficiencies, in most cases we will still sign and return the form to you provided that we can agree upon an arrangement to correct the deficiencies in a timely manner.