Photography in Laboratories


The University of Missouri is committed to fostering a safety culture which upholds our mission of excellence in teaching and research. When participating in photos and videos taken inside of laboratories spaces, please follow these guidelines to ensure the final product does not accidentally depict unsafe activities or environments where the lab space or workers are not observing proper personal equipment and safety procedures.


Guidelines for Laboratory Staff

Granting Laboratory Access

To grant non-lab members access to teaching and research areas, Laboratory Staff must do the following:

  • Brief non-lab members on lab specific safety requirements
  • Verify that non-lab members are wearing appropriate clothing to enter the area as described in Guidelines for Photographers
  • Provide an escort familiar with laboratory specific safety guidelines for the duration of the visit.
Subject Guidelines

Individuals being photographed must wear:

  • Full length pants (or equivalent);
  • Top that covers torso and arms;
  • Closed toe, closed heel shoes;
  • Properly fitted lab coat, buttoned or snapped to its full length;
  • Safety glasses or goggles, as appropriate;
  • Disposable gloves;
  • Any additional personal protective equipment necessary to safely conduct the activities depicted. “Staged” photos of simulated lab work should be representative of the real hazards that normally would be encountered.

Before any photos are taken, lab personnel shall inspect the lab and remedy the following unsafe conditions:

  • Remove excess clutter from benchtops, counters, or other visible areas;
  • Verify that there are no blocked fire extinguishers, aisles, safety shower or eyewash, or exit paths;
  • Check to see that compressed gas cylinders are properly secured;
  • Verify that all visible chemicals are properly stored and labeled;
  • Remove waste items from the subject area whenever possible;
  • Remove items from fume hoods that are not in active use.

Avoid common unsafe practices such as:

  • Lab personnel looking at a container of liquid held above eye level;
  • Lab personnel performing their activities without lab coats, safety glasses (or goggles), and gloves;
  • Handling cell phones;
  • Smelling a chemical.

Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) staff are available to help laboratories ensure photos and videos meet safety guidelines. Please reach out to EHS staff for assistance with your project by calling 882-7018 or emailing

Companion guidelines for photographers are available at Guidelines for Photographers.