Obtaining Prescription Safety Glasses

The following is provided for informational purposes only. EHS' involvement with the process ended in January 2018. Questions should be directed to Mizzou Optical.

  1. Request your supervisor or departmental office download and complete the MU Employee Safety Eyewear Order Form. Optional lens enhancements are described below:
    • TD2 Scratch Coating: Proprietary scratch coating of Essilor Labs of America. Superior scratch coating that comes with a one-year warranty vs. scratching. Toughest, most durable scratch coat on the market.
    • Transitions: Lens that changes from a clear/light tint to a dark sunglass when exposed to UV light. Plastic and Polycarbonate version of Glass Photochromic lens. Lighter and quicker to change from clear to dark and vice versa. Best “changeable” lens on the market.
    • Crizal Easy UV: An antireflective lens coating designed to reduce glare from a variety of light sources including headlights, computer monitors, and overhead lighting. It also provides extra ultraviolet protection for outdoor wear.
  2. Go to Mizzou Optical with the following items:
    • Prescription from Eye Doctor/Optometrist. (You will have to pay for your eye exam, if needed.)
    • A completed/signed copy of the Mizzou Optical form described in the first step.
    • A debit or credit card to pay for frame upgrades or lens options you desire that are not covered by your department.
  3. The staff at Mizzou Optical will review lens and frame options with you, order your glasses, and contact you when your glasses become available. Order processing typically takes 10 business days. Mizzou Optical staff will also be able to fit and repair glasses.

Frequently-Asked Questions

Where is Mizzou Optical?

Mizzou Optical is located inside the Mason Eye Institute in the main lobby of the University Hospital and Clinics. Mizzou Optical is open 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. You may contact Mizzou Optical at (573) 884-7710. Parking is available in the University Hospital Parking Garage.

Will my glasses cost me anything?

If you need prescription safety glasses, you will be responsible for paying any costs that exceed those authorized by your department at the time of ordering. Your department will pay a $25.00 dispensing fee, the cost of the frames (up to the limit authorized), lenses, and lens options the department authorizes.

Why must the side shields be permanently attached?

The purpose of safety glasses is to protect the eyes from objects that may come towards the eyes, either from the front or the sides. If a person wears safety glasses without side shields then objects may come in contact with the eyes if they come in from the side of the person's face. Because many University jobs require eye protection, side shields will be permanently attached to ensure that the side shields are secure and properly in place.