Campus Policies

There are many policies at the University of Missouri that apply to the MU Biosafety Program.

Section 7:050 of the Business Policies and Procedures Manual of the University of Missouri states:

  • The management of environmental hazards, including transportation and use of all hazardous materials and the proper treatment and/or disposal of hazardous waste generated through University research, academic, and service and support staff operations, must comply with the provisions of applicable Federal and State statutes and their associated rules and regulations.
  • Faculty members, students, and other University employees are responsible for being informed of the applicable rules and regulations and to comply with these rules and regulations. The University will make every appropriate effort to protect faculty members and other employees from civil penalties imposed by outside agencies as a result of the alleged improper use, storage, or waste management practices provided they have made bona fide efforts to comply with appropriate regulations.
  • Non-Compliance—Non-compliance with Federal and/or State statutes and their associated regulations can result in significant penalties and fines to the University and to its employees as individuals. Failure to comply with the applicable rules and regulations constitutes possible grounds for dismissal of students and termination for cause of faculty and staff.

Other applicable policies in the Business Policies and Procedure Manual of the University of Missouri are as follows:

The Institutional Biosafety Committee also adopts policies, procedures, and guidelines that apply to the operation of the MU Biosafety Program.