Biological Incident Response

Laboratory Biological Exposure Control Plan

Each Principal Investigator and Supervisor should review and prepare a specific Biological Exposure Control Plan for their laboratory. The Laboratory Specific Biological Exposure Control Plan is a reference and guide for all personnel who may be exposed to biohazardous materials.

A template has been created to help in the development of Exposure Control Plans.

Completed Laboratory Specific Exposure Control Plan shall be forwarded to the EHS Office (Biosafety Professional).

The Laboratory Specific Exposure Control Plan elements listed below are used to reduce exposure to blood borne pathogens, biohazardous materials and lab-acquired infections.

  • Review work assignments to determine employee potential for exposure to lab-acquired infections.
  • Identify responsibilities of employees covered by the Exposure Control Plan
  • Universal precautions and specific measures on how to minimize the risk of exposure
  • Engineering Controls - biosafety cabinet, centrifuge safety cups, sharps containers, etc.
  • Work practices - hand washing, personal hygiene, labeling, sharps handling, etc.
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) - gloves, lab coat, safety glasses, HEPA mask, etc.
  • Housekeeping - cleaning, decontamination and removal of unwanted materials.
  • Laboratory Specific Emergency Plan should there be an exposure or release.
  • Whether there is a need for Hepatitis B vaccine.
  • Exposure Incident Reporting and Recordkeeping.
  • Training - Initial and Refreshers.