Biological Incident Response Procedures

Air Flow And Power Failures Of Biosafety Cabinets

If airflow in a biosafety cabinet changes abruptly or the power fails more than momentarily while working with BSL-2 agents the following procedures are recommended:

  • Stop work and secure the biohazardous agent, taking care not to create aerosols.
  • Leave the laboratory and assure that others have also left.
  • Secure the laboratory from entry by other personnel.
  • If the agent poses a health hazard to humans, contact the Biosafety Officer (573) 882-7018 or after hours MUPD (573) 882-7201.
  • When power is restored wait 30 minutes to reduce airborne particles, verify the operation of the biosafety cabinet, then disinfect the work area as necessary based on the activity that was in progress. Consult with the Biosafety Officer (573) 882-7018 if there are any questions.
  • Replenish biosafety spill kit/station and used resources (gloves, garments, disinfectants, etc.) for future use.