Simple Biological Spills & Releases

If you drop, become aware of, or release a container of potentially biohazardous material:

  1. Hold your breath. Leave the room. Close the door behind you. Get assistance if available.
  2. Access the required biosafety spill kit/station at the exit of the laboratory
  3. Remove and place contaminated protective garments (including shoes) into a red biohazard bag at the door immediately after exiting.
  4. Place a warning sign on the door handle and isolate the area.
  5. Wash hands and face or, if facilities are available, shower. Use germicidal soap.
  6. Notify the supervisor responsible for the area immediately using emergency contact information on lab entry door.
  7. Call EHS for any assistance or questions.

Follow-up Response And Disinfection Actions

When the above immediate actions are accomplished, disinfection and clean-up will be directed by the supervisor responsible for the area.

  • Before reentering the affected area, wait a minimum of 30 minutes for airborne to settle.
  • Review contents of biosafety spill kit/station and resources. Develop response and decontamination clean-up plan.
  • Use appropriate disinfecting solution to treat the spill area. Cover the area with absorbent paper. To minimize aerosols, do not spray the disinfectant. Pour it gently, directing its flow into the spill area. Allow at a minimum 20 minutes of contact time.
  • Wash and mop the spill area and adjacent areas with disinfecting-detergent solution.
  • Disinfect and/or autoclave all materials (dust pans, squeezes, gloves, etc.) that were used to clean-up the spill.
  • Replenish biosafety kit/station supplies for future use.
  • Contact the Biosafety Professional (EHS) at (573) 882-7018 for final room clearance prior to re-occupancy by operational personnel.