Biological Laboratory Practices

Engineering Controls


Biological Safety Cabinets

Other Engineering Controls

  • Laboratory Hood (Hazardous and Radioactive Material Use) and Canopy Hood
  • Glove Boxes, Autoclaves, Incinerators, Sharps Container, UV Fluorescent Lamps
  • Centrifuge w/ O-rings Sealed Lids, Sealed Tubes & Safety Cap Buckets
  • Safety Blenders (designed to prevent jar bottom leakage/withstand sterilization by autoclaving)
  • Lyophilizer Vacuum Pump Exhaust w/ HEPA filters, Enclosed Incubators and Fermentors
  • Open Bench Top Sink and Separate HEPA Filter Ventilation System
  • Negative Pressure Rooms, Sealed Floors, Walls, Windows, Ceilings and Doors
  • Airlocks or Liquid Disinfectant Barrier, Change/Shower Rooms
  • Mechanical Animal Cage Washer, Waste Water Disinfectant System
  • 24-Hour Limited Security Access, Pest/Vector-proof Design