Chemical Labeling

Three kinds of chemical labels are in general use at the University of Missouri:

The University of Missouri also uses special labels for Universal Waste.


Containers of used hazardous materials must be labeled with a Hazardous Materials Label (HML) provided by EHS. The HML must not be used for any other purpose without specific instructions from EHS. The instructions for the proper use of the HML for Unwanted Hazardous Materials and the HML-R for Unwanted Radioactive Materials may be downloaded below. Additionally, there is a Hazardous Materials Continuation Label (HML-C) which can be used if additional space is needed on either the HML or HML-R. The HML-C must never be used by itself. There is also a special HML for Temporary Containers that are emptied daily into other containers; that label is called the HML-T.

Manufacturers' Labels

Chemical manufacturers generally place a great deal of information on their labels to communicate the hazards associated with their products, and it is a good idea to leave as much of the original label unobscured as possible.

HMIS Labels

To maintain a basic level of safety, the University of Missouri requires that all chemicals in hazardous material areas be clearly labeled. This even applies to commonplace materials (e.g., water) when they are used in hazardous materials areas. The labeling should include the original manufacturer's label when possible. Labels on containers of all chemicals must have the chemical name. Labels on containers of hazardous chemicals must also show the hazard warnings (flammable, corrosive, oxidizer, water reactive, etc.)

The following links will help you label hazardous materials that have been transferred to new containers and understand the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) hazard rating system used on Hazardous Material Information System (HMIS) labels.

Below you will also find links to pages with Avery Labels, complete with the NFPA diamond, in Word format. These may be downloaded, filled in, and printed out at your convenience. The properly complete HMIS label will provide all personnel with the necessary hazard warnings and meet the University's requirements for labeling hazardous unused materials.

If you have questions regarding completing any label, please contact Environmental Health & Safety at (573) 882-3736.

Universal Waste

At the University of Missouri, "universal waste" almost always refers to used fluorescent lamps or batteries. Instructions for Universal Waste can be found below:

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