Fire Factor

Please plan to join us for the annual event dedicated exclusively to raising student awareness of fire safety and prevention. The event is held annually in September on the MU campus. Organizers of the event, the Columbia Fire Department, MU Student Life, and MU Environmental Health & Safety, hope that students will attend and learn about fire safety and prevention. Attendance at this event averages between 1500-2000.

Participating students will experience a taste of what fire fighter's experience on a fire scene in a fun and exciting environment. Students will have the opportunity to fight a small fire with a portable fire extinguisher, and much more.

The event begins with a “Live Room Burn” at at Speaker’s Circle. We will construct a life size replica of a student’s room and fill it with all the normal things typically found there; afterwards we will set it on fire. This will not only show the speed at which fire can move, but also the ferocity of its nature and why we teach students about reacting quickly to fire alarms.