Open Flames

This process is intended to address the use of open flames on campus for items that are intended/manufactured to be burned/lit. Examples include candles, oil lamps, lanterns, barbeque grills, and some theatrical special effects. Permits will not be granted for materials which are not manufactured with the intent to be burned/lit.

This approval process is intended to assure the responsible person is identified, fire watch is present, elimination of fire hazard conditions (including a site visit if needed), site personnel are familiar with fire extinguishers and how to respond in fire or other emergency conditions.

No open flames are allowed in the Residence Halls or apartments as per Residential Life Policy.

Obtaining a Open Flame Permit

Requests must be made at least seven business days in advance. Please follow the steps below to submit a Open Flamer Permit request:

  1. Log into EHS Assistant at the link below by using your Pawprint.  Individuals that need to fill out a open flame permit and that are not affiliated with the University of Missouri and do not have a MU Pawprint should contact the Environmental Health & Safety for additional details. 
  2. If this is your first time logging into EHS Assistant, please reference these PDF instructions. It can take up to one business day for a newly registered employee or student to receive an active EHS Assistant profile.
  3. Once you have logged into EHS Assistant, click the EHS Assessment icon. 
  4. Select Browse New Forms, on the top left of the page. 
  5. Select Open Flame Permit and complete all required fields. 
  6. Select Save as Complete, and the system will generate and automatic email letting you know of the submission.  Environmental Health & Safety will be notified and review the information.  If additional information is needed, the submitter will receive an email from notifying them that changes are needed prior to approval. 
  7. Once edits have been made and there are no additional questions, a open flame permit will be issued via email attachment to the submitter.

A tutorial demonstrating this process can be found at the following link Open Flame Permit Submission

Click Here to Login to EHS Assistant

Note: If you are grilling food you will also need a Temporary Food Permit.



Open Burns

This process is intended to address the open burning of outdoor vegetation, debris or materials for natural resource management and conservation purposes. Open burning also includes recreational camp fires, cropland burning in connection with agricultural or forestry operations, and fire fighting training.

Prior to planning any open burning activity, several reviews, issues, and notifications will be necessary and may require permitting by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources (MDNR Open Burning Rule). Advanced planning and proper notifications will avoid losses to life, environment, and property.

To apply for permission to conduct an open burn:

  1. Please contact David Dorth or Shawn McGruder before initiating a plan for open burning.
  2. If there are occupied buildings not owned by the University within 200 yards of the burn site, written approvals may be required from the owners of those buildings. Allow extra time to obtain these approvals should they be required.
  3. At least one (1) week prior to the anticipated open burn date [two (2) weeks for burns within the Columbia City Limits] complete the Permit for Open Burning.
  4. Form should be submitted via email to
    • Forms are not considered submitted until they are complete.
    • EHS reserves the right to deny requests not provided in their entirety at least one (1) week/two (2) weeks [as applicable] prior to the scheduled event.
  5. Final EHS approval is reserved for the day of the burn and will be contingent on current and forecasted wind speed and other related factors. Open burns are automatically suspended when the actual or predicted wind speed is 10 mph or higher.




This process is intended to address the use of fireworks or pyrotechnics at an event on campus.

To apply to use fireworks and/or pyrotechnics:

  1. At least forty-five (45) days prior to the scheduled event complete the Permit for Fireworks and Pyrotechnic Display form.
  2. Form should be submitted via email to
    • Forms are not considered submitted until they are complete.
    • EHS reserves the right to deny requests not provided in their entirety at least forty-five (45) days prior to the scheduled event.
  3. In addition to the form, you will need to provide the following documents:
    • Copy of Signed Contract (for review)
    • Certificate of insurance showing the Curators of the University of Missouri (and others as appropriate) as additionally insured
    • Copy of fireworks contractor's current ATF Licenses
    • Copy of Licensed Operator or Pyrotechnic Operators' Missouri State License
    • Inventory of shells, pyrotechnic effects, etc.
    • Layout of display site, diagram(s) of location of pyrotechnic effects, etc
  4. EHS will make the necessary contacts after having received the above information and discussing the proposed use of the materials.