Space Heaters

If your area is not adequately heated

  1. Contact Campus Facilities and request adjustments to the heating system.
  2. Dress according to your personal comfort level and the winter temperature in your work area.
  3. If HVAC system cannot achieve the acceptable range in your area (70-72℉) and you need additional heating, use an approved space heater.


Approved Space Heater Specifications

  1. Low temperature liquid oil-filled space heaters with safety shut-off; AND
  2. Only electric-powered space heater may be used.


Additional Specifications

  1. UL- or ETL-listed and labeled.
  2. Must have a 3 prong grounded plug plugged directly into an approved receptacle. Extension cords and power strips are NOT allowed.
  3. Must have automatic shutoff safety features (overheat and tip-over features).
  4. A minimum three (3) feet area around, in front of, and above the space heater or an area greater as recommended by the manufacturer will be maintained around the space heater for safety clearance.
  5. Space heaters shall not be used under desk or other furniture or equipment unless the aforementioned space requirements shall be met.
  6. Portable space heaters shall not have worn or damaged electrical cords and the plug shall be in good condition.
  7. The heater must not be used in rooms or areas where flammable or combustible materials are stored, dispensed, or used.
  8. Heaters should only be used to reach the campus comfort level of 70-72℉. Do not attempt to heat your space to higher temperatures.
  9. The employee will ensure that the space heater is turned off when unattended and at the end of each business day.