Dry Ice Shipping

Dry ice, or solid carbon dioxide, is regulated by the Department of Transportation as a hazardous material when shipped by air or water, and as such, its transport in those modes is subject to various regulatory training requirements.


Do You Ship Packages Containing Dry Ice?

If you pack items for shipment on dry ice, or if you otherwise participate in the labeling or marking of packages containing dry ice, then you should take this training.


Documentation Of Your Training

Once a completed test is received, you will be issued a certificate of training and testing, that shows you have met the regulatory training and testing requirements for the preparation of packages containing dry ice for shipment.


Shipping After You Are Trained

Training for shipping dry ice does not include training to determine whether the material packed on dry ice is a hazardous material for transport itself.

Once you have received certification to ship dry ice, prior to making a dry ice shipment, you will describe the material you are shipping on the "Hazardous Materials Shipment Monitoring Form for Dry Ice", then fax the form to EHS Hazardous Material Services and await approval to make the shipment. This form is included with the training documents. Approval is usually provided within a couple of hours. In instances where the same material is shipped each time, arrangements can be made with EHS for a "standing approval", specific only to that material. In these instances, shipments can be made without awaiting shipment-by-shipment approval from EHS.