Chemical Redistribution Program

If you're familiar with the program and have seen the video on how to search the inventory, you can skip down to the spot where you log in to view the inventory.

Environmental Health & Safety operates a Chemical Redistribution Program (Chemical Exchange) as part of the overall MU Hazardous Material Services program. The objective is to collect chemicals from those who have no use for them and redistribute them to those who need them. A link appears below for EHS Assistant, which contains the current inventory of items available.

A map to the Resource Recovery Center may be found at the bottom of this page. You will need to go there to pick up the chemicals you want.

These chemicals are available at no charge to MU faculty, staff, and students whose chemical training is current, and they are for University use only.

To obtain additional information on the Chemical Redistribution Program or confirm your enrollment status, contact Environmental Health & Safety at or call us at (573) 882-7018.


Hours of Operation

8:00 AM - 12:00 PM and 1:00 - 5:00 PM Monday through Friday


Important Notice: You will need your PawPrint (the part of your email address before the "@") and PawPrint Password (the one used to access email and all official MU systems) to login to EHS Assistant.


Chemicals Available

Once you have viewed the tutorial video on how to search the chemical inventory, you can view the list of available chemicals and equipment by logging in to EHS Assistant.

Once logged in, from the home screen, click the Inventory button (Inventory Button) and choose "Chemical Inventory" from the Chemical Inventory Menu. This takes you to your (or your PI's) Inventory; to view our free chemicals, click the "Request from Chemical" button (Request from Chemical) in the upper right.

A table will pop up, and you'll need to put in at least 3 (consecutive) letters of the chemical name you're searching for into the "Search Chemical Description" box. EHSA will then respond with all the chemicals whose names contain those letters. It will also return all the chemicals with synonyms that contain those letters, so you'll probably want to filter the results further; choose the filter(filter) for the value in the column you want to restrict further. The default order for the table is (loosely) oldest first; clicking in the header box for a column with sort the table by that value.  If you want to reserve a particular item, click on the blue arrows (blue arrows) in the leftmost column, and fill out the order form that pops up.

Equipment Available

It is not practical to browse our equipment collection with our search function as it is; you'll have to come by in person to see our collection of bottles/flasks/pipets/test tubes/funnels and whatever other laboratory equipment we've picked up from labs on campus.

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