Permitted Individual Information

A Permitted Individual (formerly known as Registered User) has primary responsibility for locations where hazardous materials are used. At MU, all hazardous materials must be procured, stored, and used under the authority of an Permit Holder.

Permitted Individuals are required to maintain their hazardous materials areas in conformance with the policies and procedures of the MU Hazardous Materials Program/Laboratory Safety Program (as applicable).


Who Qualifies to be a Permitted Individual?

All full-time MU faculty and staff are eligible to apply. In addition, MU employees working part-time (less than 75% FTE), former MU employees with emeritus status, and non-MU employees with dual appointments in an MU department are also eligible to apply. Full-time students (undergraduate and graduate) are not eligible to apply and should work under the supervision of an Permitted Individual.


Becoming a Permitted Individual

A person obtains Permitted Individual status by sending an application to EHS.

Please review the information in the application form to familiarize yourself with the program requirements and the role of the Permitted Individual in the program.

Instructions for the completion of the form are provided along with the form in the PDF file. Download or open the PDF file and print the form and instructions. Please read the instructions before completing the form.

Please sign and date the application. Keep a photocopy for your records. Mail the original to the Permit Program Administrator, Environmental Health & Safety, 1110 East Campus Loop. The application may also be submitted via fax to 884-5270. Please allow two weeks for preliminary processing.



Anyone working with hazardous materials in a laboratory setting must complete the Chemical Safety for Laboratory Workers training course. If using hazardous materials in a non-laboratory setting, consult your supervisor for the appropriate training courses required.


Changes in status

If you plan to add or delete a location from your permit, please call the Permit Program Administrator at 882-3736 as soon as possible so that modifications can be made in a timely fashion.

If you plan to delete all of your locations, please go through our closeout procedure. This is for those who are moving from one MU location to another or for those who are leaving MU.

If improper management of hazardous materials results in the necessity of cleanup services from EHS or an outside contractor, the responsible department may be charged for this service.