Hazardous Waste Determination Plans

What are Hazardous Waste Determination Plans?

Hazardous Waste Determination Plans (HWDP's) are documents which provide guidance regarding disposal of unwanted materials. These documents may conditionally authorize disposal of materials via the storm sewer, sanitary sewer, or sanitary landfill, or they may require that the material is submitted for collection by Environmental Health & Safety. These plans are prepared and signed by an EHS employee, and then signed by the Registered User under whose authority the materials are generated.

Which materials should be evaluated for a Hazardous Waste Determination Plan?

Environmental Health & Safety collects and manages unwanted hazardous materials. Unwanted non-hazardous, non-regulated materials may be managed by researchers and staff as they are generated, and should be evaluated for a Hazardous Waste Determination Plan. Your materials should be evaluated for a HWDP if they meet the following criteria:

  • You believe the components of your unwanted material are non-hazardous based on professional expertise, information presented in technical documents such as Safety Data Sheets, or scholarly articles.
  • Your unwanted material is non-hazardous, and is generated routinely, or in such quantity, that collection and submission presents an unnecessary burden.
  • The components of your unwanted material are hazardous when unused, but the method of use requires dilution to very low concentration or otherwise renders them non-hazardous and non-regulated.

Which materials are not suitable for a Hazardous Waste Determination Plan?

Some unwanted materials are inherently unsuitable for disposal via the sanitary sewer or landfill. Examples of these materials include (but are not limited to):

  • Unused Chemicals
  • Spent organic solvents or solid refuse which has absorbed spent organic solvents
  • Radioactive Materials
  • Broken or intact fluorescent lamps and rechargeable batteries (see the Universal Waste page for further guidance)
  • Used Oil (solid refuse which has absorbed oil may be suitable provided it passes a Paint Filter Test)
  • Any laboratory solutions generated at locations plumbed to lagoons

How do I request a Hazardous Waste Determination Plan?

A Hazardous Waste Determination may be requested by filling out a Hazardous Waste Determination Request. Campus Facilities staff should complete and submit the "Discharge to Sewer Request" found in the CF's InfoLib.