Monitoring Program

Below is a copy of the monitoring form used by EHS. Staff members look for 8 Resource Conservation Recovery Act (RCRA) topics, 3 Prudent Practice Concerns - Good Materials, 5 Prudent Practice Concerns - Records Management, 19 General Safety Concerns, and 4 Radiation Safety Concerns.

Any issue noted which is immediately dangerous to life or health must be corrected during the monitoring visit.

If a RCRA concern is found, it must be corrected within three days. After 3 days, the staff member will return to the site to make sure the item has been corrected.

The three Prudent Practice Concerns - Good Materials can be upgraded to a RCRA concern if the problem is not corrected by the time of the next monitoring visit.

The General Safety and Radiation Safety Concerns will be forwarded to the Lab Safety Manager or the Radiation Safety section to be looked into at their discretion.

Use this copy of the Monitoring Form to maintain safety compliance on your own in the areas you work in: