Mixed Waste


Mixed Waste is an unwanted chemical material that contains both NRC-regulated ratioactive and EPA - regulated hazardous components.  Disposal of mixed waste is very expensive, and based on recent shipments, the cost to dispose of mixed waste can be 100 times more expensive to dispose compared to radioactive-only or hazardous-only material.  Due to these extreme cost campus users should make every attempt to minimize the amount of mixed waste they generate by using the following minimization strategies.

  • Avoid procedures that cause a mixed waste to be produced.
  • Do not add radioactive-only or hazardous-only material to the mixed waste already produced.
  • Change your protocol.  Can you use another process where the hazardous component can be substituted for one that is not hazardous?

For further information please contact Environmental Health & Safety at hazmat@missouri.edu or call us at (573) 882-3736.