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Welcome to the MU EHS web-based Radiation Safety Manual (RSM) which covers requirements for using radioactive materials (RAM). As of 2019, the manual has been converted from its former PDF format into a more user friendly web-based version. To learn more about both the Procedures and License Commitments of the Radiation Safety Program, both of which have been developed based on MU's NRC Radioactive Material License, please review each section below. If you are looking for additional information which you cannot find or have any recommendations to make the web based manual more user friendly, you may contact EHS at rad@missouri.edu. 




Section 1: Radiation Safety Procedures

These procedures provide the radiation user with instructions on completing common tasks 


  1. Becoming a RAM Permitted Individual (PI) or amending your current RAM authorization
  2. Becoming a medical Authorized User (AU)
  3. Becoming a Radiation Worker
  4. Ordering RAM
  5. Receiving and Opening RAM Packages
  6. Using RAM or Reviewing your Semi-Annual Inventory Verification Report
  7. Transferring and Disposing of RAM
  8. Monitoring the lab for contamination and using a survey instrument
  9. Monitoring internal and external dose (including dosimetry and bioassays)
  10. Cleaning up a spill
  11. Moving out of a RAM space
  12. Identifying and Training Ancillary Workers
Section 2: MU NRC License Commitments

The Radiation Safety Program's requirements are dictated by specific items listed in the MU's NRC RAM license application materials. These license commitments are enforced by MU EHS to ensure the safe use of RAM. This page will guide you through the license commitments which each Radiation Worker must follow.


  1. Introduction to the Radiation Safety Program
  2. Worker's Rights (10 CFR 19 Reporting Requirements)
  3. ALARA Policy including dose limits
  4. Dosimetry and bioassay requirements
  5. Training requirements
  6. Roles and responsibilities of Radiation Workers
  7. Permit application policies
  8. Survey requirements
  9. Security of RAM
  10. Transportation of RAM
  11. Posting and Labeling Requirements
  12. Radioactive waste
  13. Inspections and Permit Audits
  14. Written directives
  15. Long term storage of RAM and Inactivation Requirements
  16. Direct Receipt of RAM


Page last updated on June 13, 2024.