Radiation Emergencies

Fire Emergencies Involving Radiation

  • Call Fire Department (911) and give nature and location of fire.
  • Set off fire alarm.
  • Assist in evacuation of personnel from area, if necessary.
  • Inform emergency personnel that radiation hazard may exist.
  • Notify Environmental Health & Safety at 882-7018.

Medical Emergencies Involving Radiation

  • Call ambulance (911), if necessary.
  • Inform medical personnel that a radiation hazard may exist.
  • Assist in contacting individual's personal physician and, if a student, contact the Student Health Center (882-7481).
  • Notify Environmental Health & Safety at 882-7018.

Laboratory Emergencies Involving Radiation

  • Clear unnecessary persons from radiation area.
  • Prevent spread of contamination from accident site. Use nearest telephone for communications and avoid walking throughout the building.
  • Assemble all personnel in nearby safe area until radiation surveys and personnel decontamination are completed by EHS or designee.
  • Close doors and windows and, if convenient, turn off air handling equipment that could lead to the spread of contamination throughout the building.
  • Control access to the radiation area and place warning signs indicating radiation and/or contamination hazards.
  • Notify Environmental Health & Safety of the incident at 882-7018.
  • Decontamination of rooms and building shall only be done under supervision of Environmental Health & Safety.