Radiation Safety Standard Operating Procedures


Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are developed by the Radiation Safety Staff using MU's NRC Radioactive Materials License and License Commitments, federal and state regulations, guidance documents, and best practices in the field of radiation safety. These SOPs are available for review and are applicable to both the Radiation Safety Staff as well as MU Radiation Workers across campus and the hospital. 


  1. RAM Permit Applications


  1. Dosimetry for Personnel Monitoring

Human Medical Use

  1. Release of Radioactive Human Patients
  2. MUHC Disposal of Radioactive Medical Waste (use log below to document Decay In Storage waste)
  3. Inpatient Preparation and Room Release
  4. Written Directives
  5. Quality Assurance of Nuclear Medicine Equipment

Emergencies and Safe Handling

  1. Safe Use of RAM

Surveys and Instruments

  1. Leak Testing of Sealed Sources
  2. RAM Lab Close Out
  3. Instrument Calibrations
  4. Area Surveys
  5. Exempt Quantity Sources


  1. RAM Package Receipt and Distribution
  2. Offsite Shipments of RAM

Veterinary Medicine

  1. Release of Radioactive Animal Patients


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