Temporary Food Service Requirements

All temporary Bake Sales and similar activities require a valid Temporary Food Permit issued by the MU Sanitarian at Environmental Health & Safety.

  • Precise times of the event (date plus times of day) are needed. A notification of schedule change is appreciated.
  • No potentially hazardous foods may be served without a variance from the Sanitarian. This includes cream-filled pastries, custard (pumpkin) pies, pecan pies or other items known to spoil.
  • No home canned foods may be served or sold.
  • All food items, as in a bake sale, must be individually wrapped for sale. Therefore, the quantity wrapped is the quantity sold. Clear stretch wrap is recommended and the food being wrapped may not be touched with bare hands. Bare hands may be used once the food is wrapped.
  • Fruits and vegetables must be sold whole.
  • Samples are permissible but only with specific permission from the Sanitarian.

The purpose of these requirements is to protect the health of your customers and to protect you and your group as much as possible from situations involving liability for illness. These rules are intended as a guide and will not fit every situation. Should you have questions, etc., please call the MU Sanitarianat Environmental Health & Safety.