10 CFR 19 Reporting Requirements

"Notices, Instructions, and Reports to Workers" part 19 of Title 10 CFR (Code of Federal Regulations) spells out certain requirements which licensees must meet to inform workers of hazards or potential hazards associated with the use of radioactive materials, and to inform these workers of their rights in reporting suspected or real problems related to the safe use of radioactive materials. 


MU is required to post or make available certain documents to the radiation worker.  These documents include the NRC license and its associated documentation, regulations in 10 CFR Part 19 and 20, any applicable operating procedures related to the license, and any notice of violations related to the license.  The documents can be reviewed at EHS, 180 General Services Building, during normal working hours.  The Code of Federal Regulations can be viewed online.


Persons who are likely to receive 100 mrem in a year must be kept informed of the storage, transfer and use of radiation and radioactive materials, and in the health risks associated with exposures to radiation or to radioactive materials. Workers must be instructed in, and required to observe the regulations and license conditions related to the protection of personnel from exposure to radiation. Workers must be aware of their responsibility to report unsafe conditions which may cause violations of NRC regulations or license conditions to the AU, RSS, RSO, RSC, or NRC. Workers must be made aware of the reports available to them as a result of being monitored for radiation exposure. This includes the annual report given to workers who are currently monitored here, and the report available to the worker upon termination of employment, if it is requested by the worker.

Rights and Responsibilities

Workers may meet in private with representatives of the NRC during an inspection or may request to have a representative present during an inspection.  MU may also have representatives present during inspections, provided that they do not interfere with the conduct of the inspection. Workers may bring to the attention of the NRC any violations or suspected violations of NRC rules and regulations and request an inspection of the licensee.  The request for inspection must be in writing. No employee may be discriminated against for bringing safety related concerns to the attention of the NRC.


Page last updated on June 7, 2019.