Radiation Ancillary Workers

An Ancillary Worker (AW) is a non Radiation Worker whose duties require them to work in or frequent radiation work areas and who have been trained, corresponding with their work responsibilities, in the basics of radiation safety awareness training, and have been granted access to restricted areas for the performance of their duties. Some common examples of ancillary workers are: custodians, building coordinators, campus facilities personnel such as maintenance, or even lab workers that need access to radiation spaces but will not be working directly with RAM.

To find topics which should be discussed during training of ancillary workers, see the Training Guide for Ancillary Workers found using the Rad Forms link to the right.

The training of the Ancillary Workers should be performed by the AU but can be delegated to laboratory supervisors approved as RW’s.  Training records must be documented, signed, dated, and retained by the AU for 3 years.   An additional copy shall be sent to EHS.


How to Train Ancillary Workers



Ancillary Workers are required to know the hazards which they may encounter in the laboratory, the individuals responsible for the work in the areas, and who to contact if they suspect that a problem may exist or if an accident occurs.  It is recommended that this information be presented and reviewed annually. 

Walk around the laboratory with each new Ancillary Worker; discuss all hazards - including radioactive materials, radio toxicities, radioactive detection methods, hazardous chemicals, infectious and other physical hazards.  Demonstrate normal work conditions and introduce them to the persons responsible for the work area(s) so that they know whom to contact if they suspect a problem or have questions of a safety nature. 

Discuss the requirements and mechanisms for security of radioactive materials, and prohibition of food and drink in restricted areas. 


Review the importance of the laboratory posting, any specific authorization modifications, and the laboratory rules for Radiation Safety. 

Identify radioactive material caution labels on packages, work areas, equipment, samples and review and discuss the NRC Form 3 “NOTICE TO EMPLOYEES”. 

Review your laboratory specific spill and emergency procedures along with the posted Radiation Emergency Procedures.  Include instructions on when to contact other lab personnel, when to call 911, and when and how to contact EHS. 



The training must be extremely clear as to what they are allowed to do in the various laboratory areas.  They may be asked by an inspector what they can or cannot do.

The “Training Guide for Ancillary Personnel” checklist of training items is a suggested format for the required training of all ancillary personnel under the AU's authority, prior to working without direct supervision in any area where radioisotopes are used. 

Common radioactive isotopes that the AU is allowed to use under the authorization can be found on the Radiation Safety Web Page resource section.



Have the worker complete the three question test.  Discuss the answers and any other questions or concerns that they may have.  Provide the signatures and printed data on the form.  If you want this training documentation tracked in EHS' training records, mail a copy of the completed form to: EHS Radiation Safety, 180 General Services Building. The training record must be maintained for three years.


Page last updated on April 2, 2019.