Authorized User Applications


To become an Authorized User (AU), an individual must submit an AU application to be approved by the Radiation Safety Committee (RSC) or appropriate subcommittee of the RSC. An AU is defined in 10 CFR 35 as a physician, dentist, or podiatrist who meets the requirements for the medical use types requested; it only has a medical definition. If an AU wishes to become approved for additional medical use types, then they must submit another AU application, detailing their training and experience, and the application will be reviewed by the RSC. More information on MU EHS's policies regarding the application process can be found on the Permit Application Review and Approval Policies page. 

The AU application can be found in EHS Assistant (EHSA) under the EHS Assessment tab. Tutorial videos are available on accessing EHS Assessments within EHSA on the EHSA Tutorials page. The EHSA AU Application has step-by-step instructions on what exact documentation is needed depending on the individual's training and experience. All documentation will be uploaded in the online application. Below are useful links to the NRC website for becoming an AU for each medical use type.

All medical uses are maintained by Primary AUs who operate under generic PIs such as Microspheres UH, Rad Onc UH, or Nuc Med UH, each with their own RAM permit. Once an AU application is submitted, the following individuals will review the application: the assigned Health Physicist, the direct supervisor, the Primary AU(s) responsible for the RAM permits, the RSO, then the RSC. When the full committee reviews and approves the application, the AU will be added to the special conditions of the generic PI's RAM permit with a list of approved 10 CFR 35 medical use types. AUs do not receive their own RAM permit. The addition of an AU to a generic PI's RAM permit is considered an administrative amendment since the Primary AU in charge of the RAM permit will have already reviewed the AU application along with the RSC. As with other RAM permits, these generic PI's RAM permits will be renewed for a three year period; during renewal, all AUs listed under the RAM permit will be reviewed as well.

Useful NRC Links for AUs

Select the link below for training and experience requirements defined in 10 CFR 35 for the use type requested. Documentation may vary depending on the requesting AU's training and experience. All documentation will be uploaded in the AU Application online.

The below is a list of additional documents that may need to be provided. Note that not all may be necessary. Review the requirements to become an AU in 10 CFR 35 as well as the steps outlined in the AU Application, or consult the Radiation Safety Staff for guidance.

  • MO medical license (this will always be required)
  • CV/Resume (this will always be required)
  • Board certification
  • Filled and signed NRC Form 313A
  • Written documentation that your preceptor AU was approved for the use types in which they provided supervision. This could be in the form of a letter from the institution's RSO or Residency Program Director.
  • NRC or Agreement State Radioactive Materials License on which you were previously listed. This may also be in the form of a RAM permit that specifically lists your name.
  • If your training and experience was received greater than 7 years ago and you were not actively participating in the requested use(s), then you must also provide documentation of continuing education and experience per 10 CFR 35.59.


Page last updated on December 14, 2023.