How to Order RAM


Once you have received your authorization to possess radioactive material and have obtained a Job / Order number to order the material, it is time to place your order. When you place your order with the vendor, you must submit a RAM requisition into Environmental Health & Safety Assistant (EHSA). This assists EHS in scheduling your delivery upon receipt of the package and allows us to meet the necessary regulatory requirements for receipt of radioactive materials. The following information will be required to process your order:

  • AU name,
  • Person submitting the information,
  • Phone number where the person can be reached if additional information is required,
  • Location where radioactive material is to be delivered (must be authorized for these areas),
  • Isotope and activity ordered,
  • Vendor, and
  • Expected arrival date.

Note: We no longer accept Notification of Radioactive Material Order forms.

You are required to submit a RAM requisition through EHSA for every RAM order. If you do not, and EHS receives your package, we will contact you and instruct you to submit the requisition prior to delivery. EHS will NOT deliver a package if a RAM requisition has not been received. Once EHS receives your RAM requisition through EHSA, it will be approved or denied based on your order / possession limits for the radionuclide being ordered and your compliance with the Radiation Safety Program. Same day delivery cannot be ensured if the requisition is received after 8:00 am on the day of delivery. If the package requires urgent delivery, the AU is responsible for notifying EHS of their request.

If a RAM package does not arrive on the expected delivery date, it is the responsibility of the AU to monitor the package tracking information and update the RAM requisition in EHSA with the new arrival date. This update MUST be made by the end of business on the original expected delivery day. After updating the requisition in EHSA, the AU must also email the updated delivery information to This will help ensure that someone is always present to receive packages.

If you need assistance on submitting a RAM requisition through EHSA, please see the tutorial video "Create a RAM Requisition" on the EHS Assist Tutorials page. To log into EHSA, use the EHS Assistant page and click 'Login to EHS Assistant.' You will log in using your MU Pawprint and associated password. If you do not see what you need on the EHSA screen, notify your assigned HP as you may not have the proper rights.

Once you receive the package, be sure to survey the empty package prior to disposal and remove or deface any information related to radioactive content. You must use the check off box on your receipt form to document that this has been performed. For additional procedures on opening RAM packages, see the Receive and Open RAM Packages page.


Last updated on March 3, 2021.