Near Miss Reporting Instructions

OSHA defines a Near Miss as incidents “in which a worker might have been hurt if the circumstances had been slightly different.”

Near misses may result from unsafe conditions or unsafe actions. Investigating near misses and identifying root causes allows us to put actions in place to help prevent an actual injury from occurring. It is important that all near misses are reported and investigated to promote a safe working environment.

Near misses may be reported by faculty, staff or students at MU. Follow these steps to report a near miss.

  1. On the EHS website ( click on the Near Miss Reporting link.
  2. Complete the Near Miss Reporting Form.  Add as much detail as is available.  The submittal will be confidential.
  3. You may attach an additional document to provide more information.
  4. Click the red "Submit" button to submit the form to EHS.

EHS will monitor near miss submittals and follow up with the personnel involved to learn more about the incident and to identify root causes.  EHS will work with personnel involved to implement changes to eliminate the near miss cause.  EHS will also monitor near misses for systemic causes that need to be addressed across campus.