Accident Reporting


If an emergency accident occurs, call for assistance:

  • Ambulance (911)
  • MUPD (573) 882-7201
  • EHS (573) 882-7018

Emergency Accident Types:

  • Fatality, hospitalization or medical treatment (beyond first-aid)
  • First aid treatment of five (5) or more persons.
  • Emergency fires, explosions, releases and personal exposures.
  • Property damage exceeding $1000.00.
  • Accident resulting in lost time or accidental release of hazards with a potential for involving the public or exposure of non-involved persons.

Provide the following information in an emergency accident:

  • Where and what type of incident that has occurred.
  • Assistance needed, if not obvious, e.g. firefighters for a fire.
  • Nature and type of any injured or trapped persons.
  • What has happened since the incident: e.g., building evacuation has been started, etc.
  • Identity of caller and location from which he/she is calling and who and where someone will be to meet and/or assist response personnel upon their arrival.


Non-Emergency Accidents

Report as soon as possible to the laboratory Principal Investigator (PI) or supervisor:

  • First aid and treatment of less than 5 people.
  • Non-emergency fires, explosions, personnel exposures, injuries.
  • Failure of hazard containment.
  • Releases of hazardous, radioactive, biohazardous materials, etc.
  • Escape of infected animals, etc.


Specific-Accident Reporting Procedures

  • The person involved or someone on his/her behalf must immediately report the accident to his/ her supervisor, PI or department head.
  • The PI or supervisor must report the employee injury or illness to the Worker's Compensation program  within 24 hours of the injury. Choose the applicable form (and instructions) from UM System's Risk and Insurance Management forms page:
  • Employees (including student employees) requiring medical attention should follow the latest information at UM System Worker's Compensation page.
  • Students who require medical attention (from non-work related causes) should contact the Student Health Center at 573/882-7481.
  • Each person involved in or supporting hazardous work shall report to his/her PI or supervisor:
    • Each spill, release, etc. (both injury causing and those without injury).
    • Each unsafe condition observed having the potential for either injuring or endangering the health of people and/or causing damage to property.
  • The laboratory PI or supervisor for any accident shall contact EHS as soon as practically possible. The EHS Professional will coordinate the response to the specific accident with respective departments and agencies as required.
  • All external reports to regulatory agencies, other than those of an immediate nature such as summoning the fire department in case of a fire, are made by or through the Director of Environmental Health & Safety (573) 882-7018.