Hazard Evaluations

Environmental Health & Safety offers a hazard (exposure assessment) evaluation service. The hazard evaluation process will recognize and evaluate chemical, physical and biological hazards within the workplace to determine if proper controls are present and control unacceptable exposures.

Informational research, on-site work area visit and staff interviews are usually the operational portion of the process.

Exposure assessment begins with the hazard recognition stage called basic characterization which has four major components:

  1. Workplace characterization.
  2. Work force characterization.
  3. Agent characterization.
  4. Identify work group impacted.

Through a computerized access system, over 30,000 Safety Data Sheets (SDS) can be accessed. In addition, over 9,000 SDS covering chemicals found on campus are also available. Contact EHS, (573) 882-7018, if you are concerned about exposure to certain chemicals and need to have a hazard evaluation completed.