Pedestrian Safety Program

Be a Part of a Safer Mizzou!

Did You Know?

  • 30% of MU drivers only sometimes yield to pedestrians on campus? Are you willing to stake your well-being on sometimes?
  • A pedestrian is involved in an accident every 7 minutes in the U.S. How long did it take you to walk to class today?


Special thanks to the Department of Athletics.

What You Need to Remember on Foot

  • Though during class times part of campus is closed to vehicular traffic, automobiles do have the right of way on all other streets, unless there is a crosswalk or signal.
  • Crossing at a designated crosswalk is not only safer, it's the law! Always be cautious! Vehicle sight lines can be restricted due to sunlight, parking and other obstructions, even near crosswalks.
  • According to the City of Columbia, pedestrians only have the right of way at crosswalks when they actually step onto the street, not when waiting on the sidewalk.
  • Be defensive! During peak traffic times, traffic becomes very congested on campus. Pedestrians must be aware of all directions of traffic. Don't just assume a vehicle will stop.

What You Need to Remember Behind the Wheel

  • Be cautious! Pedestrians can and will cross between parked cars, on red lights, and in the middle of intersections.
  • Remember that when turning right on green, pedestrians will have a walk signal.
  • Though MU is not a pedestrian campus, a large percentage of the campus community is not aware that vehicles do have the right of way in many instances.
  • MUPD and the Columbia Police Department can and will ticket drivers who fail to yield to pedestrians at crosswalks.