RAM Permit Applications


To obtain a ram permit, an individual must submit a permit application and in turn must be approved by the Radiation Safety Committee to become a Permitted Individual (PI). Since the term "Authorized User" is defined in 10 CFR 35 for only human medical uses, non-medical individuals with RAM permits, including veterinarians, are referred to as PIs. Once a permit is established, the PI must submit application amendments in order to make certain changes to the permit. More information on MU EHS's policies regarding the application process can be found on the Permit Application Review and Approval Policies page. 

You can find more information on what to include in your RAM permit application by reviewing the "RAM Permit Applications" SOP on the RAD SOP page. All RAM permit applications are now submitted using the EHS Assistant (EHSA) permit application process. A tutorial video called "Fill Out the RAM Permit Application" is available on the EHSA tutorial webpage.


Page last updated on June 13, 2024.