What to do when moving out of a RAM lab

When moving out of an approved area, you are responsible for notifying Radiation Safety before moving out, for ensuring proper transfer or disposal of all radioactive materials, and for decontaminating any remaining contaminated area or equipment.  This procedure provides the steps needed to meet these responsibilities. Make sure to consult the Permitted Location Closeout Policy for additional requirements which may not be radiation related.


Use This Procedure When You Are:

  • Assigned a different area -- remember you must be approved to use radioactive materials in any new area before you move radioactive materials into any area
  • Inactivating an area or total authorization
  • Renovating your use area and then moving back in
  • Terminating your authorization.


What To Do Before You Move Out:


Call your assigned HP to discuss reasons for move and discuss a time schedule, please give as much advance notice as possible. You can complete the move out process in the following order:

  1. Transfer or dispose of any RAM left on hand.
    1. To Transfer RAM:
      • If RAM is to be transferred to another AU, verify with your assigned HP that the recipient is approved for the isotope(s) to be transferred.
      • If the RAM must be transferred via vehicle, contact EHS to perform this transfer for you.
      • If you are moving the RAM to another authorized space on your authorization, contact EHS to perform this transfer if a vehicle is required.
      • Fill out the "Request for Radioactive Material Transfer" form found in the Rad Forms link to the right. Send the completed form to your assigned HP or rad@missouri.edu.
      • You may also need to arrange with your assigned HP to have it shipped off license. Discuss with your assigned HP if this needs to be done. Usually this is performed for sealed sources but other instances may occur.
      • See the Order, Maintain, and Dispose of RAM page for additional details on transferring RAM.
    2. To dispose of RAM:
      • Read through the instructions provided on the Ordering, Maintaining, and Disposing of RAM page. If there are any questions or concerns, contact your assigned HP or call EHS at (573) 882-7018.
      • Make sure to dispose of RAM prior to requesting a Close Out survey from EHS Radiation Safety.
  2. Thoroughly survey and swipe the room and labeled equipment. Decontaminate any contaminated items found. For additional help on surveying the lab, see Surveying the Lab for Contamination. Make sure to document your surveys, any contamination found, and the actions taken to clean up the contamination.
  3. Once items such as labeled equipment and bench tops are confirmed to be contamination free by your surveys, remove the stickers and labels. Make sure to dispose of any radioactive labels and stickers in the radioactive trash. This should be done prior to submitting a pick-up request for your waste. Note: This does not apply to any postings on the doors or walls. EHS will remove those postings once the room is confirmed contamination free.
  4. Fill out the Authorized User Close Out Check List found under the Rad Forms link. Make sure to review the steps in the Close Out Check List and confirm each has been completed. Indicate the date of your request, the building name and room number(s) that require an EHS close out survey, and sign and date the form. Once completed, submit the form to your assigned HP or rad@missouri.edu along with a copy of your survey results.
  5. When the assigned HP receives your completed Close Out Check List, they will reach out to coordinate a time and date for EHS to perform the close out survey. The EHS staff member that performs the survey will survey and swipe the area(s) significantly, including previously labeled equipment like refrigerators, centrifuges, liquid scintillation counters, ovens, pipettes, etc. If any remaining items are still labeled with radioactive materials stickers/labels, the EHS staff member will remove these once the item(s) is/are confirmed contamination free. This step must occur before the item will be released for unrestricted use.
  6. The EHS staff member will depost any radioactive materials postings if the room is contamination free. At this point, the room is considered to be released for unrestricted use.
  7. Consult the Permitted Location Closeout Policy for additional instructions on proper closeout procedures.

Note: Do not allow anyone to move in or start any other work in the room or on the equipment before EHS deposts the room or de-labels the equipment. 


If the room will be removed from your authorization, you are planning to inactive or terminate your authorization, or you are moving to a new space, an authorization amendment will be required. See Amending Your Current RAM Authorization for the required forms.


To reactivate the room(s) or the authorization, contact your assigned HP.


Page last updated on October 7, 2020.